Why The Joker should’ve appeared more in Suicide Squad

suicide-squad-2016-poster-b1pkAs you probably know, Suicide Squad was released last week, on 5th August.

The reviews are divided: bad/good movie/characters/story and so on. I have to say that I believe that Suicide Squad is somewhere in the middle.



I’ve seen guys who were unhappy with the way the actors acted(They acted too funny and nice to be the villains. Will Smith interpreted Will Smith), but maybe I have to remind them that “All monsters are human“, so, as every human being, these villains have both good and bad sides.

In my opinion, Suicide Squad was overall a good movie(well, you don’t expect a profound meaning from an action film) but it also had some flaws, which were mainly caused, in my opinion, by the cut scenes of Mister J.


How did he get there? Where are his toys? How did he exactly defused Harley’s bomb? Did I missed something? Did I blinked? We will never know.tumblr_oa8gcg0mgh1ucgpo7o2_400

I am so disappointed. I only wanted to see this movie because Jared was supposed to play the Joker. I am a huge fan of his movies(just watch Mr Nobody, Dallas Buyers Club and Requiem for a dream.. you’ll understand) and also a part of the Echelon, so of course that I feel that I wasted my money. Ten minutes.

Or not even ten.



Is Jared famous? Yup. Is he talented? Yup. Does he have tons of fans? Hell yeah! I think the producers forgot the Echelon. Or they just used him. Hmm..


One of the worst parts is that Jared was soooooooo excited to play the Joker. He really dedicated a lot of time… And what does he receive? A lot of hate and bad reviews. Why? He was there only for a couple of seconds. I sometimes think that we’ve seen the Joker more in the trailers than we did in the movie. Even some scenes from these were cut!! Jared even tore his labrum while performing a stunt for this film.


And why would you put him in the center of so many posters of Suicide Squad, why would you put Mister J on so many magazines if he barely appears in the movie?! This is not some kind of apology, you know…

One of the things I also want to tell you is that we’re trying to get the hashtag #MoreJokerLeto trending on Twitter since the studio cut so many Joker’s scenes. So… if you have a Twitter account, it would be really nice if you could help out. Maybe we’ll see Mister J more on the alternative version from de DVD. AAAAAAnd you can also sign a petition here!


PS- a katana must be held with both hands

Also, for those who keeps saying that Harley Quinn and Mister J have an abusive relationship, that Harley is so manipulative and that the Joker is so evil.. Well, just remember that they are just villains. No one said that their toxic relationship should be idolized, but think about the noobs-I am a noob, too- who just believe that Jared, aka the Joker, and Margot,aka Harley, look super nice together. And who cares if someone idolize an, oh, f i c t i o n a l relationship? And the only person I’ve ever seen to romanticise this relationship is.. guess who: Harley! I’ve never seen anyone say that ‘Jaker and Harley are goals’ because they are not. Jared and Margot are. XD And don’t forget: fiiiiictiiiiooooonLet the people enjooooy things. It’s none of our business. People also can idolise this relationship and they also can choose not to prefer the abusive ones. *fiiiictiiiooon*



  1. The Joker is a less is more character, since this Joker will appear in multiple films it fits to start with only a dose.

    I do want to see more, I hope there is a side to him that laughs more, when actually battling Batman, I hate the DKR style Joker.


      1. Yes, a subplot, but they used him. He said they filmed enough scenes to make a movie just with Mister J. And then… we only see him for 5 minutes


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