About how Tumblr brings people closer


tumblr_o8251hsmc31tyvbtbo1_500Livia is an amazing artist I discovered last night on Tumblr. I was shocked by her drawing style and delighted to look at her art.

Livia Fălcaru was born in Galati, Romania. At only 20, she is studying graphic design at university, in Bucharest. She also says that she was inspired and encouraged by her mom .






I prefer drawing portraits because i feel they can most accurately express the emotions or messages i want to share through my art. I usually add a dark vibe to almost anything i create but at the same time i don’t forget to put something colorful and happy as well. I try to find beauty where nobody does and usually feel fascinated with the dark aspects of the human nature which i’m trying to portray through my artwork.




Who said “Tumblr is boring and full of weirdos and crazy feminists*” was insane, I assure you. Her art first caught my eye on my dashboard. Then I saw her name: a ROMANIAN ARTIST on Tumblr. And not just a wannabe, like me!!

Note: ‘crazy feminist’= mysandrism= mysoginism 🙂




Unfortunately, I cannot express properly, in words, the way I view her art or the way it touches my soul. I can only say that it mathces my personality, or… Should I say my personalities? Because I have an alter ego, too, hehe*don’t be scared, it’s just another ego I sometimes use when I write*.

The subjects in my artworks are usually people close to me or people i found across the internet. Most of them seem like they are in a contemplative state and somehow trapped in their inner world.

Livia also explains the chromatic she chooses, saying that she loves “adding strong contrast of emotions”. You can notice in her art three of her favourite colors: black, blue and pink, mixed with warm, sweet hues.

Like the majority of artists, Livia confessed that she usually creates when she feels strong emotions, thus she sees art as a method of catharsis.

You can find more about her here and you can buy her art here.










All of these images are taken from her Tumblr blog.





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