9 Interactive Sites for Education

Kyyaa, guys, as I have promised in the previous article, I came back with more helpful sites! Many of these will offer you free lessons, but in some cases they will ask you for a set amount of money, if you want more information.


So, for the beginning, I must say that I’ve discovered more sites where you can study the languages you want to learn, but also some DIY stuff! XD As always, I’ve already tried them, so I can give you some true facts and recommandations.




Languages, languages everywhere

  • MyLanguages– I am certainly sorry that I haven’t discovered this earlier. I can proudly say that I fell in love with this site at the first sight! This one has everything organised in tables, and every information on this site is free. I found this site very helpful. You MUST try it! I really think that you can find here every language on the planet, hehe.
  • Mondly– Of course, every new course is like a journey to knowledge. Maybe that’s why Mondly is organised like a virtual trip! This learning platform is warm and really helpful! I gladly recommend!
  • linguasnet– Have you ever wanted to learn Romanian, English, Spanish, or Portuguese?! This site offers you that chance!
  • Polymath– Tables here, tables there. This one is centred on Vocabulary, Grammar and Phrases, and it has lots of language you can try.
  • InternetPolyglot– is entirely free, and offers you 39 languages. You can select here your native languages and the one you want to learn, so you can have more helpful explanations.
  • loecsen– Illustrated conversation guides and audio for travel and pleasure. Learning to speak another language is as easy as a b c! You can even download the material you need!


Life Hacks and other stuff

  • Instructables-Here you can find literally e v e r y t h i n g! The users are encouraged to share what they can make to help the others. From lamps to cosplay, here you have the opportunity to learn about what you want, about what you didn’t even know it actually existed!
  • Habitica– Lost Motivation? Gamer? I have the perfect site for you, buddy! Habitica is the place where you can build your own character, where you can write you To-Do list. Here, you can watch your progress by gaining points by doing things in the real life. Of course, you also have the option to throw a ‘monster’ party with your friends. Check it out!
  • TasteKid– through this website you can explore your tastes, your preferences. Here you are given suggestions of music, books, movies you’d like. You can call it a recommendations engine! xD

That’s all for today, buddy! 😀

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