Interactive Learning Sites For Education

We’re now in the 21st century. World has evolved and now everything revolves around the power of speed and around the computers, which help us save some time. Such, the humans center themselves in the cyberspace, taking with them almost everything. In our rush to manage our time, we have recently started to create interactive learning sites to educate ourselves.


Many of these sites offer you free lessons, but some of them, for a set amount of money, can give you more information.

Whatever you are looking to learn, here are some sites which can help you.

*I perrrrsonally tried them 😀 *



Art, Music, History

  • kidsguitarzone– Here are some lessons for children, or, why not, for the ones who still can say that they have a soul of a kid. This free site permits you to cover all basic guitar techniques, learning some popular songs along the way.
  • justinguitar– The Justin Guitar site offers you over 800 free guitar lessons. To thank Justin, you can always donate or buy some of his products!
  • drawlessons– This site has both free lessons and paid lessons. Give it a try! Sharpen your mind!
  • daveconservatoire – Dave Conservatoire is an entirely free music site. Correct! Here, you can learn whatever you want about the art of music!
  • khanacademy– This site brings information about art, history and many other things, like coding! Give it a try! It is entirely free and you even have an avatar: water, soil or fire! I chose the element of fire and now I have to take of a small “bulb”. I promise he will become a red  dragon with unlimited knowledge!


Math, Coding, Science, blah blah blah (I’m not very good at these things now, but oh! in my youth I was)

  • khanacademy-Yeeeeeep! Khan Academy twice! And, as I said earlier, it is quite awesome! More reasons to give it a try!
  • codeacademy– Academies, academies everywhere! This site is all about the coooooode! And this is even more awesome because it is really very interactive because it really bothers to explain you everything! But, of course, you have to pay attention to the… bugs in your code! Haha!
  • brilliant-Yes, you are! This site is a brilliant idea if you want to learn more things or if you want solve problems. Never let your mind sleep!


Languages, languages and more languages!

  • memrise– I can proudly say that I fell in love with this site at the first sight! To help you remember things better, this site have some apps, let’s say, where you can choose your meme, or where you can make your own! Try it! 😀
  • livemocha– With its air of a coffeeshop, LiveMocha invites you to take a seat and find a language partner who will help you practice the language you want to learn! This is amazing, because here you also have exercises and you can correct each other’s solutions.
  • busuu– Here, you have to make your decision wisely! Why? Because for the second language you’ll have to paaaaay! Not with your life, but with your money! *Learning Japanese has always been my dream, so it was easy for me* This site is quite helpful and amazing. I highly recommend!!!! ❤
  • duolingo– The wise owl was waiting for you! Oh, how dare you to be so late! This site offers you the chance of learning many languages, with the help of a green owl! This is my very first language site, so I can add it’s useful for the beginners.

->If you are not sure about what do you want to learn, or if you have many other interests which you want to cover, then I will recommend you stumbleupon, where you can literally stumble upon all sorts of things!

I promise I’ll come back with even more useful sites, so stay tuned!

gif no.1 source

gif no. 2: Anime- Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui!

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