Pro Rape Group Has Organised Meetups In 43 Countries

A pro rape group has organised meetups in 43 countries all over the world.

The leader is Daryush “Roosh V” Valizadeh, who scheduled all the meetings on February 6, at 8 pm. He declared on their site that his supporters should “come out of the shadows and not have to hide behind a computer screen for fear of retaliation“. After saying this, he also wrote that at the established meeting points there will be a few persons placed by him, who will use some code words.

We will have 165 meetings in 43 countries for our international meetup day on February 6, 2016 at 8PM local time. Hosts have been instructed to wait at the meeting point from 8:00-8:20pm before moving on to the final location. If you arrive at the meeting point at 8:21pm, you will miss the meetup. Arriving on time within the window is absolutely paramount.

To identify your fellow tribesmen, ask the following question to a man you suspect is there for the meetup: “Do you know where I can find a pet shop?” If you are asked this question, answer in the affirmative: “Yes, it’s right here.” You can then introduce yourself and get details about where to proceed at 8:20. If you ask someone for the pet shop and they appear confused or actually try to direct you to a real pet shop, they’re not there for the meetup.

He cultivates the idea of the rape cult, adding that women are inferior to men and that’s why they should be obedient.

Also, after receiving some “reports”, he wrote that some meeting places will be made private, establishing a protocol.

The world is moving against us. I’ve gotten reports of over a dozen organized protests at our meeting points. Dozens more are being organized privately. Since this meetup was never intended as a confrontation with unattractive women and their enablers, I’m moving to save as many of these meetups as I can before Saturday so that men can still meet in private away from a loud, obnoxious, dishonest, and potentially violent mob.

If you take a look at the full listing page, you’ll see that some meetups have had their location removed and have instead been replaced with an email address or two to contact. If you want to attend one of the newly private meetups, send an email to the address(es) proving that you’re one of us. These are the three ways that you’ll be about to do that:

  • If you’ve left a non-hater comment on ROK or using your Disqus account before January 15.

  • If you have an active account on RVF that is at least three months old.

  • If you can provide a screenshot receipt of one of my books (Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Paypal, etc) that was purchased before January 15.

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